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About BrandBuilder

Why choose BrandBuilder?

For the past 20 years we have been involved in multiple aspect of running a business from both a retail and distributor prospective. We have probably made all the mistakes that can be made, but we have learned from them. We have the business sense and expertise to aid in building your brand in Norway.


In order to better serve our brands and partners we have decided to separate Rigg AS with the military/tactical brands and the sports/outdoor into separate companies. We see that these two segments do not really mix very well with regard to work processes and core focus. The Military/Tactical side has a less dealer/retail focus and more government and project/tender based approach. The “civilian” (sport, outdoor, lifestyle) products need more brand specific dedication and marketing, as well as building a retail and dealer network.

Mission Statement

BrandBuilder’s purpose is to aid brands in growing their market share and footprint on Norway and Scandinavia. BrandBuilder will aid in marketing activities, sales and support, logistics and distribution. Our staff has long experience in the business of brand development, logistics and infrastructure.

Main markets for BrandBuilder will be:

  • Sports
  • Outdoor
  • Travel and lifestyle
  • Hunting

What we do?

BrandBuilder is working for our brands in some or all of the following:

  • Marketing and promotion of brand and products
  • Agent and Rep. services
  • Building dealer network
  • Logistics and Distribution
  • Sales support
  • After sales support and warranty handling


BrandBuilder will have a close “relationship” with Rigg AS, to share some key infrastructures. This will mainly be ERP, E-Commerce platform and computer systems, logistics and warehouse facilities, administration and accounting and marketing production. We aim to have dedicated staff to the BrandBuilder company. This will greatly be cost efficient and a tried-and-tested platform. Technology has always been important to us as it streamlines and runs the business more efficiently and drives profits and growth. We have expertise of more than 15 years in the e-commerce and IT business, both in developing and running large-scale e-commerce solutions.

Brand Profit Trackability

Each brand will have its own accounting structure. This will enable us specify account/brand specific sales, income, cost and expenses to each individual brand. We will then be able to pull out key figures for each brand to see micro statements for sales, cost and profits. This is something that is hard to do on the existing platform.


Working new and unknown brands into the market requires long-term commitments and goals. It basically takes time to make a brand popular. We have past performance records that show our performance.

Pacsafe Sales CW-X Sales Go-Girl Sales

For more information ask for our company presentation, that will be sent on request.